Accommodation Fatigue-relieving hospitality


Minshuku Oshima

An inn directly operated by a fisherman.

Locally sourced seasonal dishes can be enjoyed.


Kakuta Ryokan/Shakotan Youth Hostel

A fisherman’s inn.

Sea urchin in summer and other fresh seasonal seafood are served here.

In spring, guests can also enjoy dishes made with mountain vegetables collected by the owner of the inn.


Oyado Shinsei

A fisherman’s inn where meals are decided each day by the catch landed by the Koshinmaru 18 fishing boat.

Shakotan’s freshest seafood is served here.


Nagomi no Yado Iida

This building constructed in the Meiji era has been revived as a modern inn. 

Meals use mostly local ingredients, with the buffet breakfast featuring locally harvested vegetables.

Kura, an annex cottage, is popular with women. 


Seaside Inn Unjoya Ryokan

This long-established inn in Shakotan opened in 1954.

From spacious bright rooms, guests can enjoy picturesque views of the sea.

The fresh local food served here from the mountain and the sea is very popular.

Guestrooms with en suite toilets and meals served in private rooms with chairs are popular with elderly guests.


Ryokan Hokkai

At this inn facing the Sea of Japan, guests can enjoy beautiful views of the setting sun over the sea.

Seafood caught by the owner, who is also a fisherman, can be enjoyed here. 

Fresh sea urchin is also served from June to August.



The owner, who is engaged in fishing throughout the year, offers ocean-fresh seafood.

March: righteye flounder, Okhotsk atka mackerel, Japanese rockfish, cherry salmon and other fish

May: Japanese sand lance

June – August: sea urchin and sea cucumber

September: autumn salmon

October: abalone, cod and other fish



The owner, who is also a fisherman, uses local seafood to welcome guests with traditional local dishes and unique creative cuisine. 

This small inn with seven guestrooms guarantees a relaxing stay in natural surroundings.


Oyado Ginrinkaku

Located on the seaside, this inn operated by a fisherman offers seasonal seafood from Shakotan, including sea urchin, abalone, shrimp, fish and squid.

From the rooms commanding seasonal magnificent views of the Sea of Japan, guests can enjoy a red setting sun in autumn.


Beach Side Inn Kaihinkan

An inn set amid scenic beauty where guests can enjoy panoramic views of the sea and feel at ease with the gentle sound of waves. Special dishes made with fresh seasonal seafood and warm hospitality ensure an extremely relaxing experience.