Accommodation Fatigue-relieving hospitality



The owner, who is also a fisherman, uses local seafood to welcome guests with traditional local dishes and unique creative cuisine. 

This small inn with seven guestrooms guarantees a relaxing stay in natural surroundings.


Oyado Ginrinkaku

Located on the seaside, this inn operated by a fisherman offers seasonal seafood from Shakotan, including sea urchin, abalone, shrimp, fish and squid.

From the rooms commanding seasonal magnificent views of the Sea of Japan, guests can enjoy a red setting sun in autumn.


Beach Side Inn Kaihinkan

An inn set amid scenic beauty where guests can enjoy panoramic views of the sea and feel at ease with the gentle sound of waves. Special dishes made with fresh seasonal seafood and warm hospitality ensure an extremely relaxing experience.


Seafood Inn & Restaurant Miharashi-so

Fresh abalone and other shellfish are served in dishes that bring out their natural flavors.

No artificial seasonings are used.


Oyado Kasai

A relaxing old-style inn where visitors can feel at home


Ryokan Bikuni Kanko House

Ocean-fresh seasonal seafood is served here.


Minshuku Ichiyo

A three-minute walk to the boarding point for underwater observation boats, this inn has a relaxing, homely atmosphere. The dishes served here are made using fresh seafood from Bikuni in Shakotan.


Minshuku Kobayashi

Fresh seafood dishes are served here.