Outdoor and leisure facilities Get the most out of Shakotan!


Marine shop Ocean Days

★ Shakotan Blue Cave Snorkeling and Noctiluca Tour in a Mysterious Cave Fee: 6,000 yen per person (including c …


Shakotan Japanese Boat Cruise and Shakotan Marine

★ Fees for Shakotan Japanese Boat Cruise Cape Makka course (approx. 90 min.) Adults: 3,500 yen; children: 1,50 …


Shakotan underwater observation boat New Shakotan-go

Cruising tour in which passengers can experience the beauty of Shakotan.  Passengers can view oddly shaped roc …


Cherry Salmon Sanctuary Center

This is the base for protecting the rich nature of the Yobetsu River basin, where visitors can learn about the …