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Shakotan Japanese Boat Cruise and Shakotan Marine Area map

Fees for Shakotan Japanese Boat Cruise

Cape Makka course (approx. 90 min.)

Adults: 3,500 yen; children: 1,500 yen

*The course may change or the service may be cancelled due to the weather and the situation of the waves. It is advisable to take a coat because it feels cold at sea even when it’s warm on land.

Support is provided for people doing scuba diving and snorkeling.

*Transportation service to and from the diving point (by boat): from 2,000 yen (once)

*Air filling: 1,000 yen (one piece)

*Hot shower: 700 yen (one day)

Feel free to contact with any inquiries.

Address: Funama 50, Bikuni-cho, Shakotan

Tel.: 0135-44-3377

Hours: please inquire