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Shakotan underwater observation boat New Shakotan-go Area map

Cruising tour in which passengers can experience the beauty of Shakotan.

 Passengers can view oddly shaped rocks and the dynamic coastline with romantic legends from the boat, and see fish and sea urchin in Hokkaido’s only marine park through the glass bottom of the boat.


■ Time required: 40 min. (Bikuni Port – Cape Ogon – Gome Island – Takara Island)

■ Capacity: 78 (minimum passengers: 10)

■ Period: April – late October

電話 0135-44-2455(乗船券販売所)

営業 午前8時30分~午後4時30分(不定期)
4月下旬~10月毎日 ※荒天欠航

    • 積丹水中展望船 ニューしゃこたん号