Restaurants Why not try local specialties in Shakotan?


Oshokujidokoro Sawa

Ocean-fresh sea urchin is served here.


Oshokujidokoro Uminoya

The locally sourced special sea urchin bowl can be enjoyed here as soon as the sea urchin fishing season starts.


Kaisenajidokoro Shinsei

The seasonal specialties here include rockfish in spring, sea urchin in summer and tuna in autumn.

Fresh seasonal seafood is served in generous portions.


Shakotan gift shop and restaurant Kamui Banya

Highly recommended are the Shakotan bowl and sea urchin bowl, which are limited from June to August.

Shakotan gifts are also available.


Shokudo Ushio

During the sea urchin period, natural sea urchin sourced directly from experienced fishermen is served here.

Squid, shrimp, whelk, abalone and other fresh seafood are also on the menu.

Customers who make reservations receive a free dish.



This sushi restaurant is near Cape Kamui, which is known for superb views.

Highly recommended are rice bowl dishes and sushi made with fresh seafood from the sea around Shakotan.

In summer, fresh sea urchin served on a sieve is also recommended.

Please drop by when touring the Shakotan Peninsula.


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Minshuku Oshima

An inn operated by a fisherman.

The natural flavor of sea urchin can be enjoyed here. 


Oshokujidokoro Nakamuraya

The special sea urchin bowl is made with ocean-fresh ezobafun sea urchin and murasaki sea urchin.

The dish with an irresistible taste for sea urchin lovers is only available during the sea urchin fishing period (June 1 – August 31). Sea urchin bowls are limited to five per day.


Oshokujidokoro Uroko

Highly recommended is the fresh sea urchin bowl from June to August.

Sea urchin caught by the owner is generously heaped on rice until the rice becomes invisible, and doesn’t use any Japanese radish or perilla toppings.


Oshokujidokoro Shakotan no Sachi Misaki

The ocean-fresh sea urchin caught by the owner is completely free from preservatives and has a melting texture.

Repeat customers often form long lines in front of the restaurant.