Restaurants Why not try local specialties in Shakotan?


Sugino Honten Unizenya (Shakotan Branch)

The sea urchin bowl, seafood bowl and other dishes made with local ingredients are popular here. Grilled fish, curry and a daily special are also available.


Shokudo Rinko

A good restaurant for individuals as well as groups.

Handmade gifts are sold on the first floor.

You can enjoy fresh seafood from Shakotan here.



Noodles and rice bowl dishes are mainly offered at lunch.

Highly recommended is the salt ramen.

At night, the restaurant turns into a Japanese-style pub that serves char-grilled chicken and other dishes.

From June to August, bowls of rice topped with fresh salt-water sea urchin are available for an affordable price.  


Nomikuidokoro Heihachi

Highly recommended is the generous assortment of fresh sashimi. Sushi, rolled sushi, deep-fried dishes and various other dishes are also on the menu.


Seafood and rice bowl dishes Miharashi-so

Fresh natural abalone and other shellfish are served here.

The restaurant also opens for dinner with reservations only.


Shokujidokoro Jun no Mise

A variety of dishes, including sea urchin bowl, seafood bowl and other rice bowl dishes as well as deep-fried dishes and set meals, are served here.

The Shakotan Zangi (fried chicken) is a popular Shakotan soul food.


Fujizushi Main Branch

This is the main branch of Fujizushi, which has five branches in Shakotan, Niseko, Otaru, Susukino and Yoichi. The taste when the restaurant was established in 1967 still remain the same. Customers are welcomed with a variety of Shakotan dishes made with ocean-fresh seasonal seafood.



This long-established sushi restaurant has been in business for more than 60 years.

It has many repeat customers, and some come from Sapporo or even Honshu every year.

The restaurant’s clear Sakhalin surf clam soup that comes with sushi is very delicious.


Snack Kokoro

Customers are welcomed with special cocktails and in Shakotan dialect.


Snack Bright

Even those who visit here for the first time feel at home.